100% Result of class XII & X Apoorv Karki (Sc.), Ankit Karki (commerce), Kinshuk Verma (X) topped, Silver Medal at 2nd International Mathematician's Convention, Sahil Puri won the Bronze medal for Individual contest in the same, Ankit Karki (XII) awarded as Best Batsman & Man of the match in South Africa, Best Country Profile award in INMUN , Best Schools Trophy in Tae- Kwon -do, Special Invitation by FICCI on International Day for Older Persons, Invitation from the parliamentry Forum Of Children, Aushi Gupta won an award in Callegraphy.
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   Classes IX-XII  

(Age Group 14-17 years) Here "Talent Development", aimed at spotting unusual and not well-defined talents is initiated. This is canalized into creative fields like comparing, dramatics, mimicry etc. The interest identified in earlier classes are encouraged to enable children participate confidently at state and nation levels. This develops positive individual mannerisms and styles of behavior rather than produce clones in society .

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